Offering the very best how we’ll best support our philanthropic goals. We’re starting out by carrying high style and superb quality clothing, accessories, cosmetics, body products and much more (we have a few secrets in mind we're holding close to our hearts!). We'll have items available for women, men and children from some the most reputable brands and renowned designers from around the world, additionally we'll be looking for new talent, new creatives whom we can put out in the spotlight. Our merchandise will consist of the current season’s products, selective discount overstock and carefully chosen secondhand items from individuals as donations or on consignment. We are looking forward to serving you, by serving you with excellence we will have more money to give away by the end of the year and that's what this is all about!!


WORKING IN A GLASS HOUSE... Please pardon the mess on this blog right now. Our name change to Eclectic Giving from Apparel Eclectic is completely official! As great as this is for us it does mean dumping the old blog and starting over almost from the beginning. I wish it was possible to make all the changes behind the scenes but it doesn't work that way... Your understanding and patience is greatly appreciated while we work publicly exposed during our redesign process!

About Us & Our Mission



We're in the process of writing all of this up for you. In the interim there are a few links we can provide which will give you some insight into who we are and what we plan to accomplish.

  • -- Takes you to a collection of links where you can find our entire social media presence along with a few links pointing to particular pages within a site, such as what follows...
  • -- This link will take you to a Facebook note where we created a sample of our longterm giving plans. There are three aspects to how we plan to donate our proceeds and they're listed in the order that we'll start with and phase in as we grow. 
  • -- Through this link you can learn more about our Board of Directors and our need to build a large diverse Board. If becoming a Board member and helping to guide the decisions of this company is something that interests you check out the information provided through this link then send us an email

~~Your Friends @ Eclectic Giving~~

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