Offering the very best how we’ll best support our philanthropic goals. We’re starting out by carrying high style and superb quality clothing, accessories, cosmetics, body products and much more (we have a few secrets in mind we're holding close to our hearts!). We'll have items available for women, men and children from some the most reputable brands and renowned designers from around the world, additionally we'll be looking for new talent, new creatives whom we can put out in the spotlight. Our merchandise will consist of the current season’s products, selective discount overstock and carefully chosen secondhand items from individuals as donations or on consignment. We are looking forward to serving you, by serving you with excellence we will have more money to give away by the end of the year and that's what this is all about!!


WORKING IN A GLASS HOUSE... Please pardon the mess on this blog right now. Our name change to Eclectic Giving from Apparel Eclectic is completely official! As great as this is for us it does mean dumping the old blog and starting over almost from the beginning. I wish it was possible to make all the changes behind the scenes but it doesn't work that way... Your understanding and patience is greatly appreciated while we work publicly exposed during our redesign process!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Become "Fan of the Week" on Facebook!

Fan of the Week Icon

Please welcome the "Fan of the Week" special promotion for Facebook fans of Eclectic Giving.

The Fan of the Week is chosen through the app based on the person with the highest page activity for the week. To improve your chance of being selected post on our wall, comment or like a post we or others have made, share our posts on your timeline or on those of your friends,... well, basically just think of ways to interact with the page, do them and the system will put you closer and closer to the top of the winner's list. Also, you can go directly to the "Fan of the Week" page itself and click the "Please Choose Me" button and this will bring you up higher on the list, it's a bit of a "cheat" we’re offering you but we want winners!

Every Sunday afternoon that week's winner will be selected and posted to the wall. To claim your prize we're making it very, very easy for you; all you need to do is send us a message within 90 DAYS notifying us that you saw you'd won as our Fan of the Week, yes, we're going to give you 90 full days tor run back through the timeline to check if you'd won and didn't happen to notice! In your message mention the date you were selected as the winner and be sure to email us from the same Facebook account that was selected as the winning fan. That's it, that's all you have to do, no entry forms, just check out the page posts from time to time, interact with them and be sure to visit the page Sunday afternoons (or up to 90 days in the past!) and look to see if you were selected.

We're going to do something else... We'd hoped to have this promotion running by the first of the year yet weren't yet ready. To make up for lost time we'll be selecting two winning fans per week beginning tomorrow and running for nine weeks, until May 1st, we'll choose a second Fan of the Week on Wednesday afternoons, all the same terms apply.

You may be wondering, since we don't have a store what's your prize?... The prize can be used as soon as our store is up and running and it never expires (don't you hate expiration dates?!). It's a graduated discount code, meaning the higher your purchase amount the greater your discount percentage. In advance of opening for sales we'll keep a list of all selected Fans and all those who've claimed they're a winner and we promise an individual discount code, and although it can only be used once, again it'll never expires. Your savings will increase as follows:

  • 5% off of purchases between $50.00 - $99.99
  • 10% off of purchase between $100.00 - $149.99
  • 15% off of purchase between $150.00 - $199.99
  • 20% off of purchase over $200.00

As soon as we begin listing products we will contact everyone who's already won “Fan of the Week” and send you your very own personal discount code through the Facebook email you used to claim your prize.

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