Offering the very best how we’ll best support our philanthropic goals. We’re starting out by carrying high style and superb quality clothing, accessories, cosmetics, body products and much more (we have a few secrets in mind we're holding close to our hearts!). We'll have items available for women, men and children from some the most reputable brands and renowned designers from around the world, additionally we'll be looking for new talent, new creatives whom we can put out in the spotlight. Our merchandise will consist of the current season’s products, selective discount overstock and carefully chosen secondhand items from individuals as donations or on consignment. We are looking forward to serving you, by serving you with excellence we will have more money to give away by the end of the year and that's what this is all about!!


WORKING IN A GLASS HOUSE... Please pardon the mess on this blog right now. Our name change to Eclectic Giving from Apparel Eclectic is completely official! As great as this is for us it does mean dumping the old blog and starting over almost from the beginning. I wish it was possible to make all the changes behind the scenes but it doesn't work that way... Your understanding and patience is greatly appreciated while we work publicly exposed during our redesign process!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

We Are Continuing Efforts to Round Out Our Board of Directors, Interested?

The powers that be require a minimum of three people on the Board of Directors just to register to become a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Fortunately, we already have over three qualified members lined up! We're aiming to reach between six to eight members by the end of the year with an ultimate goal of a twelve member Board  reflecting the diverse aspects of Eclectic Giving's functions. We're actively pursuing people to join our Board from a number of professional fields and educational backgrounds. The following list of qualifications are not requirements to join with us but someone with any of the below skill-sets in their background could prove to be quite helpful when it's time to make big decisions and when we apply for grant funding. Yet a caring heart and the willingness to dream are all you need to feel comfortable contacting us about becoming a Board member:
  • Compassionate, Caring and Ambitious Dreamers!
  • Nonprofit Organization and Fundraising Experience
  • Grant Writing Experience with Knowledge of Appropriate Grant Sources
  • General Business Management
  • Startup Business Management
  • Branding and Identity Creation
  • Familiarity with Working Alongside Ad Agencies and/or PR Firms
  • Experience Related to the Sales of Fashion and Accessories
  • Background in Fashion Design
  • Background in Fashion Marketing and/or Merchandising
  • Overall Marketing Experience
  • Internet Retail
  • Website Design and Construction
  • Social Media Organization and Management

We know that's a long list of possible qualifications while we're also saying compassion is the only true requirement, that's why we listed it first. Please email us at if you're interested in joining, please forward this post to friends who might be interested, share it on Twitter, Facebook or your other social media accounts. Another thing you can do to help us reach our goals with the Board is to send us name recommendations of people you may not know personally but by reputation, such as various industry professionals, athletes, entertainers and the like who you feel might be qualified and interested in becoming a Board member and you think we should look into inviting them.
Quite often the Board of Directors of a nonprofit consists of a mix of paid management staff and volunteers. We hope to hear from you for whichever direction you feel you'd like to pursue...

I have big dreams for Eclectic Giving, I started dreaming about it and planning for it in 2009. Developing a business is a highly creative process in addition to requiring the intellect for critical thinking and decision making. During my own longterm illness making plans for EG was the only act of creativity I could perform and the best way for me to keep my mind sharp during a time when my illness made normal daily tasks difficult towards impossible. Between the creativity and use of my intellect I was able to keep both sides of my brain firing. It's believed that having an active mind is very important for one's recovery. My mind was focused on something of deep personal meaning and something I could dream about as much as I planned for; I know this was crucial to keeping my spirits up through my illness. I owe a great deal to Eclectic Giving for providing me with a future to be optimistic about.

I'm entirely aware that operating as a nonprofit may create scenarios where my dreams are voted down by the Board and I'm perfectly okay with this for some reason. I think it's because I know that I'll receive more than I lose by having a qualified Board of Directors guiding the big decisions. I also have concern that my emotional connection to the situations of people with longterm illnesses may cloud my judgment; in those cases there will be others to help me see things with objectivity.

As mentioned, email if you're interested in joining, forward this to friends that could be interested or send us recommendations of people you believe we should look into.


~~Your Friends @ Eclectic Giving~~

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